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Susie Beam


Susie Beam, right now, lives in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, with her husband, two children, two mischievousness dogs, and a bird. She has dabbled in a lot of things from pre-school teaching, head office manager, goodwill ambassador, head costume designer for the local high school theater, chiropractor’s assistant, and Silver Splash instructor, lifeguard and swim instructor at her local YMCA’s.


She and her family have moved every few years and have made life-long friends – some since she was in eighth grade.


Rebecca Buss, currently a college student, has always loved art even from a young age; she grew up homeschooled in Bangor Pennsylvania, she attended the Knowlton Fine Arts co-op along with a decorative painting class for several years. Rebecca Buss has always been encouraged by her family and friends to continue to develop her abilities, whether it be drawing, painting, sewing, or crafting.

“I was so honored when Susie Beam asked me to draw the cover for her wonderful book. Susie was so lovely and encouraging to work with, she helped me every step of the way in the creative process. I can’t express enough how happy it makes me to be a part of this experience” – Rebecca Buss